Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Family Pix finally have been accomplished!!!

In all honesty, this photoshoot took longer than all of them I have ever done.   It was such a scrambled day!!!  I had a plan and then life took over.  We did finally get a good picture or two but we really struggled this particular day.  We had bad moods, failed plans, emotions, cold weather, and it just seemed like everything was working against us.  I'm grateful for many the sunshine  (which limited my places of choice because it was too bright but kept us much warmer than we would have been without it), my van that ran great and still is and got us everywhere safely, my amazing camera which made this a lot easier, my tripod with which pix would have been impossible without on this particular day.............and too many other things to mention. 

So without further delay here are our family pix for December 2011!!!!!!!!!

By the Way this is going to be a pretty long post  but here it goes....................................
 Mr Pesky Sun kept us warm but blinded us and I really loved this spot but everyone was squinting!

 This is the one we used for our Christmas Cards Dec. 2011

Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!

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