Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The "M" Family is blessed yet again!

 Going from 2 to 3.  What a great looking bundle of joy.  Amazing gifts children are to us, we learn something from each of them and they bless us in ways we could never foresee possible. 
xoxoxoxo you cuties. 
Big brother for the 2nd time.  Congrats "C" you play the role nicely.  I always wished I had a big brother.

I love this Family, I have learned so much through the trials they have gone through.  This is the little Angel God sent them as a way (in my opinion) to bless them for their strength and faith.  I have watched this little family wade through some deep mud that at times, I'm sure felt like quick sand.  They are an inspiration to me and my family.  I'm grateful they chose me to take their family pix.  Every year I do this I learn more and more.  Thank you sweet strong "M" Family.  


All Because 2 people fell in love